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‏2013-10-27T12:54:17Z | named queries

Hello WSRR Experts

I have requirement where we are keeping all business model objects in WSRR. we are using REST API to get entity information( like customer information)

So we defined Named Queries in WSRR itself and we will refer that named query while querying  wsrr.

so here my questions is Named queries are persistent queries or not ? if yes i assuming that it will increase the performance bcz query is pre complied and saved.

Can any one confirm me my assumption is correct or wrong?







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    Re: Named Queries in WSRR


    I do not believe there are any measured performance improvements from using Named Queries vs queries on the REST API. They are mostly for convenience and so that clients can specify a name to run a query, and this decouples the implementation of the query (the XPATH expression) from the client. The query can be updated on the server later and the client does not need to be changed.