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Pinned topic Remote Z/OS search time

‏2013-05-16T13:26:06Z |

Remote zo2 search on PDSE with aprox 13000 members and size of 1500 cylinders takes a long time to run and often fails. As a starting point to help me research this could you address these three questions?

My Questions: (Let me preface this my saying I am a client server guy new to mainframe and RDz so please exscuse any ignroance, at least for a short while, ;)

1)      My understanding is that RDz search takes longer than ISPF but also returns back more information. Is there any configuration of the RDz search that can stream line it more to decrease the search times?

2)      Is there any audit of the search in terms of efficiency of the search items, results, or path from RDz to the data?

3)      Is there any logging; server, client, or mainframe, for search expressions or beyond that for any communications for the purpose of trouble shooting when using RDz?


  • OlivierGauneau
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    Re: Remote Z/OS search time

    ‏2013-05-25T15:29:24Z  in response to b8factor

    Hello William,

    RDz search returns indeed more information than ISPF and therefore takes more time.

    You may want to subscribe to APAR to be notified when it gets resolved.

    I have seen some customers having the same troubles because they were using the search to do impact analysis and therefore were scanning a lot of members and returning a lot of hits. In such a case you may be interested in the following technote

    Otherwise to answer your question (3), please have a look at the Host Reference Guide ( at chapter 12 to see how to enable RSE user logging on the server

    Hope that helps,


    • RavikanthChavali
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      Re: Remote Z/OS search time

      ‏2013-12-05T20:35:01Z  in response to OlivierGauneau
      That was helpful, Thank you! I have few clarifications,  I noticed the example is using non-published API which I wouldnt have known(Please correct me if I am wrong). For example, MVSFileResource and MVSFilterReference in selectionChanged method. 
      1. Are there any equivalent Publshed API especially for MVSFilterReference. 
      2. Does the plugin also search all the PDS(s) and its member(s) under a filter, Is that the reason for accounting the contents of the filter ? 
      3. Also, what exactly getOldChildren method would return; active versus migrate pds's ?