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‏2013-05-01T18:17:14Z | oslc taddm

We set-up OSLC integration in our lab (running JazzSM v1.1 GA) and TADDM is burying Jazz.  We are running into an issue where the TCP connections are not disconnecting gracefully and we'll have > 100 connections between the OSLC Agent and Jazz in TIME_WAIT.  Not sure if it is Jazz or TADDM at fault.  Anyone else seen this behavior?

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    Re: OSLC Integration


    This is an email exchange with Ray (it concerns also JazzSM and TADDM integration forum):

    --> It's a very bizarre behavior, we use connection pooling and we close connections after OSLCAgent stops. Can you send me TADDM/dist/logs/agents/OSLCAgent.log with TRACE level enabled?
    <-- Which log... com.collation.log.level.vm.Topology?  I need to be sure because we only have one Jazz server in the lab and enabling the OSLC agent will force us to restart Jazz.  I only want to do that once.
    -->Yes, com.collation.log.level.vm.Topology.One more thing, before you start: is the value for property default? 10?
    <-- Yes, we're using 10 threads.  I'll get logs sent out later today.  


    I checked BETA code of OSLCAgent for connections with FRS. When the agent starts to run, it creates a pool of connections (10 in this case). Then those connections are used for sending POST/DELETE/GET HTTP messages. When the agent ends its job, it's supposed to close all the connections.

    If - for some reason, which we should be able to nail having logs - there's an exception BEFORE it releases connections, it can be our scenario that causes this problem. 100 connections mean 10 runs of the agent, every run allocating new pool of 10 connections and failing to release them before the end. We need to see OSLCAgent.log. error.log also would be helpful.

    Is it possible that the agent had 10 runs in a time you tested OSLC Integration? What is the value of the time interval in property

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