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    I have a question about a user property that we are trying to get some data returned. The property in question is from the "IBM Endpoint Manager Inspector Reference" guide here The syntax for the property we are using is "names of users" which is supposed to work for all platforms as noted in the above guide and in the below extract from the guide.


Declaration Return type Description Platforms (?)
name of <user> <string>

Plural: names
Returns the name of all the specified user, whether logged in or not. Win:8.1, Lin, Sol, HPUX, AIX, Mac, Ubu:8.1
tty of <user> <string>

Plural: ttys
Returns the tty of the user. Lin, Sol, HPUX, AIX, Ubu:8.1


It works fine for Windows systems, but for the other platforms it returns "none" where it should list all of the users accounts on the target system. Could this be some sort of bug or is there some sublet extra bit of sytax needed?



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    Re: User property for non-Windows system


    I'm not sure what the behavior of that inspector is.  I'll look into it tomorrow.  (Sorry for the super late response).

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    Re: User property for non-Windows system



    I've had inconsistant results using names of users in UNIX (expecally when looking for AD accounts).  I found that if I run the query on a system, I could see one result, I could run it on the same system with no changes a few minutes later and get another result.  I found it more reliable simply reading the /etc/passwd file...

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    Re: User property for non-Windows system


    It looks like if you use 'name of users' on linux, it basically does this:


    I'm not sure why it's that way.  I filed a bug to investigate and maybe change this inspector.