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Pinned topic XIV Email Alerts issue sending

‏2013-09-02T22:23:42Z |

hi guys

I have an XIV which send emails when something happens, you know XIV uses 3 management ip interfaces, let's say

Interface 1: - Interface 2: - Interface 3:

I was trying to find out why emails were failing so doing some testing I found that when emails are sent using ip management interface 1 and 3 I never get the emails but when using interface 2 it works (there's a n option when testing where you have you can choose which management interface to use to send the email) I even changed the ips in case the relay for the ip was denied and same result the IP set on Management interface 2 is the only one sending emails.

so I supposed XIV uses by default interface 1 to send email that why email alerts are never sent.

any idea how to fix this?

thanks a lot