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‏2014-01-15T14:13:59Z | data documentation in modeling rsa

 I'm new to this tool and forum. I have started using RSA for Data Modeling in our project and I'm looking for some documentation on tool and help in understanding tool.

¾I have gone through the help file available with the tool, but looking of additional information on how to use the tool incase of multiple data modelers working simultaneously on the data model and when and why to create workspaces etc.
¾what are the challenges we see when we convert logical data models to physical data models etc. I'm not able to find any other documentation on this except the help file. Any information on this is highly appreciated.


  • sammyc
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    Re: Data Modeling in RSA


    Are you trying to use Software Architect or System Architect?

  • Frank OKeefe
    Frank OKeefe
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    Re: Data Modeling in RSA


    Hello Kiran,

    The following link is to our System Architect 11.4 infocenter  and older versions also.


    Clicking on the Version 11.4 infocenter link will give you the latest information about System Architect.

    Hope this helps.

    Frank O'Keefe