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Pinned topic Need Help in Modelling Unbalanced hierarchy

‏2013-05-16T07:43:05Z | cognos framework manager
Hello Experts 
We wre facing a issue to create hierarchy where parent values are null for some of the elements.
E.g We have hierarchy as Region>Plant>Unit>Equipment which is working correctly . In some cases we have few equipment at Plant Level so hierarchy as Region>Plant>Equipment 
In case of second scenario , in database we have Null at Unit level . When we are publishing package , Region>Plant>Equipment hierarchy does not get rendered. 
As we need to show complete structure in Tree Prompt , we can not use alternate hierarchy for this issue. 
Please let me know if you are aware about any work around to create such hierarchy . 
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    Re: Need Help in Modelling Unbalanced hierarchy


    It would help to know what version of the Cognos BI software you are using, what you are building the model in (Transformer, DMR, etc) and what  your data source is.

    In Transformer you would use Suppress to prevent the middle level from appearing. Not sure what is available in FM for this.

    Good luck,