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‏2013-08-08T08:37:11Z | definition edit saxt

Hello everyone,


I encounter an issue while using SAXT 11.4.2.

I'm trying to edit a definition. One of its properties contain a list of other definitions of the encyclopedia (it a "LISTOF" property). If I try to add a definition to this property and save my changes, no error message is displayed but when I check the definition, nothing has changed. it's like I haven't done anything at all.

If I proceed the same may trough the heavy client, I have absolutely no problem. The definition is changed.

Do you know where this problem may comes from?

Thank you all in advance for your answers.

Best regards,



  • kksingh
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    Re: Updating properties through SAXT


    Hi Alex,


    This is kind of strange. However have you tried using a different browser? Does it make any difference.

    Also the login you use on SA Thick client is it same as the one you use for SA-XT? Also confirm what is the DB being used along with the authetication type.