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Pinned topic Report Studio- Sum amount for non-unique key

‏2014-02-09T00:15:45Z |

I am new here and need your help in a task that may look like a small to you.

I have package contains Doc#, Line#, LineAmt. Where DOC# + Line# is a unique key. Say, I have this sample date

Doc#  Line# LineAmt

123     1        10 

123           2           20

In Report Studio, when I select Doc# and LineAmt for Doc# = 123, I am getting one line in the report showing LineAmt 30. No group by in the report.

If I added Line#, I am getting two lines in the report.

I am excepecting to see two lines without adding Line# to the report.

When I run same query in FM, I am generating two lines.

My question is: Why I am getting one line in Report Studio?

Your advice, please.

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