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I'm working through the examples given in RMC help concerning User Defined Types.  I've been able to create my own types and modify existing types.  But stumbled when I got to the example for Reference Section tables.  Here is my snippet and I've highlighted the line I think is giving me trouble.  I get no error message, but when I openthe relationships tab in a work product, I am not presented witt any options to select from for States.  We do not use any of the IBM provided content, so I suspect this might be a type that is defined in the RUP content.  Can I define my own com.hon.rmc.state element and then define an attribute for the state choices?  Or am I totallly off base on thinking this is what the issue is.

<modifiedType id="org.eclipse.epf.uma.WorkProduct">
  <section id="WorkProduct.stats_and_resp" name="Work Product States" type="reference">
  <reference name="States" id="WorkProduct-states" publish="true">
  <reference name="Actions" id="WorkProduct-actions" publish="true">
  <table id="wp.Table_1" rowReference="WorkProduct-states"
   <name>State Transition Table</name>



Update July 17 - Creating my own version of didn't work.  Or at least didn't work the way I implemented.

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    Re: Reference section tables


    More issues with UDTs.  Can't seem to get the opposite reference to work.  Does there have to be a corresponding modification to the target of the opposite reference?


    Also, comments seem to be unacceptable in the UDT definition.  <!Comment-->  causes an error.  Since we will be doing several modifications would really like to document each of them and provide some spacing between.