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Pinned topic Draft - Moving to the Cloud

‏2010-10-15T16:57:04Z |
A first working draft of the “Moving to the Cloud” version of the Cloud Computing Use Cases White Paper has just been posted.

We are looking for volunteers to develop the topics in Step 2 of the document. I would ask that you submit your name back to the discussion group before starting any work and you will receive a confirmation back from us as to which topic has been assigned to you. We want to ensure that the initial work is assigned to one individual and prevent duplicate efforts. That does not restrict anyone from commenting on any posts as they evolve ( in fact we welcome comments on all posts as that ensures that we have as complete a picture for Moving the Cloud as possible ).

NOTE: In order to post to the group, you must be a member. To join, click on the "Join this group" tab on the top right hand side of the page and follow the instructions.

Once we have everyone's input, we will start to edit the content to ensure that the paper has a consistent look, touch and feel.

We are looking forward to everyone's comments as we work to complete the moving to the cloud version of the White Paper.

A copy of the current draft can be found in the files section at