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Pinned topic Copying only the specified CR Number content from one attribute to the other attribute

‏2013-10-28T05:42:11Z | doors; dxl;

Hi ,

I need to copy the attribute content  value say 'applied CR' to the attribute ''New applied CR'

But I should copy the content only specific to particular CR i.e if the CR-363 and the content in the attribute 'applied CR' is CR-363: Shri CR-464: John , then if it should copy the contents of the particular CR-363: Shri to the attribute 'New applied CR' .

Imp: It should not copy the CR-464: John to the attribute 'New applied CR'.

Any help very much appreciated.

As of now my coding copies all the content  from the attribute 'applied CR' to the attribute 'New applied CR' but it should not copy all the contents.