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Pinned topic Parameters are not passing properly from Analysis Studio to RS Report

‏2013-05-04T11:05:00Z |

Hello All,

In the analysis studio we are creating a report where we have Product line(Dimension) in rows, Count(Measure) in Column.

I click on product line and create a custom filter with type attribute like , Product Line1.Product Line-Long Name <Does not matche> Golf Equipment

The filter is getting applied properly. But at this point I drag As Of Date onto the Product line, the Product Line automatically goes into the Context Filter area.

When i try to drill thru and click on the passed source values I could see the parameter as below

[sample_package].[Product].[Product].[Product Line]->:[PC].[@MEMBER].[Product Line]

 But here I require the all the values in Product Line except Golf Equipement to be passed.

Can anyone help me on this..