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Pinned topic Updating BNT 2/3 Gb switch fails: file too large

‏2013-09-02T21:05:25Z | bladeos bnt firmare flash large update


I am trying to update the switch in our BladeCenter S to the latest firmware (ibm_fw_bcsw_l23- But I get Error: Image too large for FLASH. See also details below.

Any comments are very welcome!

Best regards,


BNT Layer 2/3 Copper Gigabit Ethernet Switch Module for IBM BladeCenter

Switch has been up for 19 days, 3 hours, 50 minutes and 12 seconds.
Last boot: (power cycle)

MAC Address: 00:18:b1:ba:f8:00    Management IP Address (if 128):

PCI unit 0: Dev 0x5695, Rev 0x11, Chip BCM5695_B0, Driver BCM5695_A0
PCI unit 1: Dev 0x5695, Rev 0x11, Chip BCM5695_B0, Driver BCM5695_A0

Software Version (FLASH image1), active configuration.

PCBA Part Number:      317857-C
Hardware Part Number:  32R1866
FAB Number:            EL4512029
Serial Number:         YK5020844919
Manufacturing Date:    0814
Hardware Revision:     1
Board Revision:        2
PLD Firmware Version:  1.0

Temperature Sensor 1 (Warning):   37.0 C (Warn at 77.0 C/Recover at 72.0 C)
Temperature Sensor 2 (Shutdown):  37.0 C (Shutdown at 90.0 C/Recover at 80.0 C)

Switch is in I/O Module Bay 1

>> Main# /boot/cur
Currently set to boot software image1, active config block.
Current CLI mode set to aos with selectable prompt disabled.
Current FLASH software:
  image1: version 1.5.9, downloaded 13:51:26 Sun Jan  4, 2070
  image2: empty
  boot kernel: version 1.5.9
Currently scheduled reboot time: none

>> Boot Options# gtimg
Enter name of switch software image to be replaced
["image1"|"image2"|"boot"]:  image2
Enter hostname or IP address of FTP/TFTP server:
Enter name of file on FTP/TFTP server: GbESM-
Enter username for FTP server or hit return for TFTP server:
kernel magic ffffffff
cur magic 1

image2 is currently empty.
New download will replace image2 with file "GbESM-"
 from FTP/TFTP server
Confirm download operation [y/n]: y
Starting download...
Error: Image too large for FLASH.

Sep  3 23:02:44 BNT-BladeCenter-Switch INFO    mgmt: Firmware download failed to image2
Boot Options#




  • Novikov_Alexander
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    Re: Updating BNT 2/3 Gb switch fails: file too large


    Dear Matthijs,

    your switch used old flash module which is not support software line 5.3.x. You can use new software of line 1.5.x. See readme file for details about flash modules.

    Alexander Novikov
    Russia, Moscow