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Pinned topic "no mqjbnd in java.library.path" also in client mode

‏2019-06-03T11:06:39Z | client mode mqjbnd


I got the following exception sporadically: java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: no mqjbnd in java.library.path

I know what this means and know the usual solutions, but my case seems to be different. 
My software runs on the same machine as the MQ server. 
I connect explicitely in client mode, since the software also runs on other machines. (and from there it works)
But sometimes we got this error. But sometimes it also works. Every n connection. 

Do you have any idea how to debug what is wrong? 
Is it possible that it runs out of connections sometimes and try to connect in bind/native mode even when connecting in client mode? 
Could it be a version problem? Version 7. 

Thanks Thomas