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‏2014-05-07T20:55:14Z | 2010 appscan language modes source studio visual

When running a scan with the AppScan Source Visual Studio Plugin on a project written in C, all files are skipped during the scanning.  The following error is listed for each file:

Scanning xxx.c

Skipping file xxx.c due to error: language modes specified are incompatible

I can't find any information about this error anywhere, and I am not exactly sure what it is referring to.  There are limited options that I can set/change with the VS plugin as well.

Any insight into this problem would be helpful.

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    Arnab Roy
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    Re: Error scanning C code with Visual Studio Plugin



    This problem cannot be directly worked around from Visual Studio. Users encountering this issue in Visual Studio while scanning with the AppScan Source for Development Visual Studio plug-in must import the solution into AppScan Source for Analysis and apply the above workaround to scan their C files.

    This is how it can be worked around in AppScan Source for Analysis:

    After seeing the 'Skipping file ..." errors while scanning C code in AppScan Source for Analysis use the steps below to be able to scan the skipped C files:

    Create a new, empty Application in AppScan Source using File->Application->In the original Application whose scan resulted in the "Skipping file .."
    messages, right click on the project and choose the option to do a "Manual Copy" and specify the newly created Application as the destination. This will
    result in the selected project being copied to the new Applicaiton. Scan the new Application which will successfully report security vulnerabilities in the C files without anything being skipped.


    I hope this helps,