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Pinned topic Tips when using Third-Party library in ICAP Java Project

‏2013-05-10T04:41:31Z |

You may have experience with J2EE project development, when your project depend on some third-party libraries, the most way you use may be right your project, and select 'Build Path', then add third-party libraries to project build path.

For ICAP JAVA project, above way may caused your application failed. When you working with ICAP IDE to create ICAP java project, the best recommendation of using third-party libraries is extend ICAP project with third-party libraries ad Customized Component. Steps are:

#1. Open Eclipse, select Windows > Preferences > ICAP > Java > Component Libraries > Customized Component, right click to create a new component library, then add third-party jars to this new component library.   Save you action.

#2. From ICAP Explorer view, right click with project name, and select Extend Project, select the new component library created at #1 from Available list, then click Add to add this library to your project.  Click Finish to complete your configuration.