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‏2013-05-24T22:23:06Z | jee7

With JEE7 being recently finalized I would like to know what the plans are to bring in these new features.


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    Re: JEE 7 Roadmap


    Hi Patrick,
    Sadly we're not allowed to discuss future product plans on this public forum, but we're happy to have private conversations under a nondisclosure agreement (your IBM Account Team can set these up).   The Java ee7 updates are very interesting and members of the the WebSphere development team are active on (or lead) several of the JSR expert groups, so we are certainly close to this technology.  Following the approach we have taken so far with liberty: to prioritize the features that we believe will deliver maximum customer value first, we'd very much like to know which ee7 JSRs you would most like to see us deliver.  You can 'vote' for existing RFEs (Requests for Enhancement), or open new ones here:
    Regards, Alex.