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‏2013-09-11T17:22:09Z | ds3400 fixing


We had a problem while adding a new EXP3000 expansion enclosure to DS3400 because of wrong cable connections. Some of the logical drives are reported as "Missing" or "Failed" following 6 of the drives marked as "Replaced" and 5 of them as "Failed" on an enclosure.

After correcting cable connections, we had executed "revive drive" script to get back failed drives to "optimal". Also IBM support guy has deleted two ghost missing logical drives to see if it can automatically find them again.

After a last reboot to system, failed array (it has two logical drives) came back as optimal. But 6 drives are still marked as "replaced" and substorage system status is reported as "Fixing" (in management screen it's displayed as  "Storage Subsystem status is being fixed") .

Last configuration (after deleting ghosts - 130911 15:02) and previous configuration (just before deleting ghosts 130910 17:03) are attached.

Now i've two questions:

1. When can this "Fixing" status turn to "Optimal"? It has been "Fixing" for 24 hours now.

2. After it returns to Optimal will it be able to find those deleted ghost "missing logical drives" since they have no physical problems except one of the drives are marked as unassigned (it's RAID 1 and it can fix  that drive).

Thanks from now for replies.

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    I have the same problem... did you found a solution?