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Pinned topic Struts Entry For New Controller Command WCS 9

‏2019-01-14T07:33:38Z | 9 wcs


In WCS 9, We use CRS-WEB as a replacement of Store Project. The problem I am facing is while creating a new controller command.The Struts-config-ext file was being used until now for putting the Struts entry of the command. Here there is no Struts-config-ext file in CRS-WEB project. I tried to make an entry in the Struts-Config-ext file of Store but it didn't work.

The command being extended from OOB is working fine, its only in a new fresh controller command it is failing due to Struts Entry.


As WCS9 is new, Can Someone suggest me the changed flow I need to approach to get a new controller command working in wcs9.