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Pinned topic Running DayTrader3 on Liberty in Cloud Foundry

‏2013-12-04T18:07:09Z |

I'm interested in trying to make this happen so I have a live application running on the Cloud Foundry PaaS using Liberty.  I have a few Pivotal CF service options to choose from for a database component - PostgreSQL, MySQL and MongoDB.  I've seen others make changes so DayTrader3 would run with a Derby DB and was curious if anyone has attempted similar with these other databases?

Anyone done this before? Interest in helping build something like this out?




  • RamVennam
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    Re: Running DayTrader3 on Liberty in Cloud Foundry


    Hi Doug, With some work, we did get DayTrader3 running on CF using the liberty buildpack and a cf provisioned MySQL service. Let me know how I can help! The work involved changes to the liberty configuration, database binding, and the provided db2 dbscripts, etc...

    Ram Vennam