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Pinned topic How to setup and configure Management Extender for Android mobile?

‏2013-08-05T08:56:35Z | android extender management

Hi, I have been trying to configure my besserver to manage my Android devices (I don't have iOS devices). I looked through the MDM_Setup_Guide.pdf in the infocenter, and the wiki pages such as!/wiki/Tivoli%20Endpoint%20Manager/page/Enrollment%20and%20Apple%20iOS%20Management%20Extender%20Installation

I couldn't find a section dedicated to explain MDM for Android devices, it somehow looks lumped with Apple iOS, but no clearly distinguished difference.

Following the wiki, I finished Step1 of "Deploy the Management Extender Fixlet", and proceeded to step2, I read in the beginning of the wiki says "NOTE: If your deployment does not manage iOS devices, the Enrollment and Apple iOS Management Extender can be deployed without an Apple APNS Certificate.", so skipping Step2, go to Step3, but clearly Step3 needs APNS Certificates. I m scratching my head, what shall I do now to configure the extender to manage my Android devices? Could anyone instruct me?