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Pinned topic Error testing AAA action in my service

‏2013-09-09T19:53:56Z |

When executing a test, the probe is not showing the full policy execution. I'm getting a couple errors:

  1. Invalid xsl:message using id attribute (condition="7", uri="store:///dp/aaapolicy.xsl", idstr="0x0838000ed" [1])
  2. Debug: Could not connect to debugger

I have restarted the appliance and the problem still persists.

I'm on firmware

  • shawnlopeman
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    Re: Error testing AAA action in my service


    I figured out my problem.

    I was getting binary data back from my ldap search which was blowing up the AZ in my AAA.  To fix it, I used "cn" as my attribute value in the ldap-search.