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I have a very strange scenario with GPFS, HSM and MMBACKUP.
I run traditional MMBACKUP before I migrate the data to TSM.
But every time I run a MMBACKUP, MMBACKUP will recall a lot of files from the TSM Servers so I ending up with 1000th of tape mounts, and this is because some Linux users we have create directory names that contains "\" back slash.

If I delete all does directories that contains a back slash then will GPFS stop mounting all tapes. So I wonder if it is possible to exclude all directories or files that contains a "\" on both backup side and GPFS side?

PS: Using SLES 11 with GPFS

Thanks in advanced
Christian Svensson 

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    Re: Exclude Back slash

    ‏2013-12-05T20:37:49Z  in response to Christian_Svensson

    Hello Christian,

       For the problem you are describing, it would normally be possible to set an exclude rule in TSM.  However, mmbackup is not able to interpret the exclude rule with a back slash character.   If you have support, please open a PMR for this issue and one of us can devise a work-around for you.   If you do not have support, please send an email to ""  to request a work-around.   We may be able to put something out for you that will enable you to use mmbackup, excluding the objects that have a back slash in the file name.

    Best Regards


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      Re: Exclude Back slash

      ‏2013-12-06T09:33:40Z  in response to sberman

      Hi Steve,

      Thanks for the tip, I have just open a PMR with IBM in Europe and I can then publish the solution here in the Forum later on.