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Pinned topic Tivoli SAMP Management for non-instance owner users

‏2014-01-31T13:05:49Z |


I set up an HADR Database on Linux with DB2 LUW 10.1 (fp3). I enabled high availability with db2haicu.

My concern is that only instance owner (db2inst1) can run lssam. Even users in the SYSADM group (other than db2inst1) can not run lssam. When a SYSADM user other than instance owner runs lssam, following response is received:

"lssam: No resource groups defined or cluster is offline!"

I don't want to share instance owner password with other adm users and I want them to be able to run lssam.

Is there an easy way for this?


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    Re: Tivoli SAMP Management for non-instance owner users


    I have not found a straightforward solution on the TSAMP or DB2 side.

    So I ended up giving "sudo lssam" permission to sysadm group. It works for now.