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‏2013-04-29T22:15:02Z | .net c# ibm


How do i reset a queue? I want to clear all the messages in the queue, before i start to write a message into a queue.


MQQueueManager mqQMgr = new MQQueueManager(mqQueueManager);
 MQQueue queue = mqQMgr.AccessQueue(getMessageQueue, MQC.MQOO_OUTPUT | MQC.MQOO_INPUT_SHARED | MQC.MQOO_INQUIRE);
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    Re: Reset a queue


    The correct term is "clear a queue".  You can write a simple program to get all the messages from a queue, or use one of the samples supplied with MQ, such as amqsget, or use the "clear qlocal" runmqsc command, or use one of the many available MQ management tools, such as WMQ Eclipse Explorer (a free SupportPac from IBM, or included in a MQ Server installation)

    HTH, G.