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Pinned topic Class Diagrams, ER Diag and Schema Diag: Alumni HELP NEEDED !

‏2010-12-30T10:31:33Z |
  Respected All,
  My topic is "Online National Polling". I have some queries, if u could please help me out.

   1. I have made the CASE diagrams and Sequence diagrams, BUT I don't know how to make the CLASS, ER and SCHEMA Diagrams?
   2. I used  IBM Rational Rhapsody Modeler 7.5 (which I downloaded form the IBM site) for CASE and SEQUENCE. So, is that OK? And which software should I use for CLASS,ER,SCHEMA?
   3. What is the RAD for WebSphere software, provided in the DVD Kit used for? I have installed it but it seems like a Server to me! What exactly is its purpose?

 Thanking all of u in advance. Please guide me. I'll be obliged :)
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    Re: Class Diagrams, ER Diag and Schema Diag: Alumni HELP NEEDED !

    RAD is an IDE (Integrated Development Environment). This is tool using which you can make your project.
    Various other tools can be plugged in with this and things can be done in an easier and faster way.
    Websphere is also integrated within RAD means you need not to install separate server for your application.