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Pinned topic How about CCCQ on virtualized server?

‏2014-02-04T21:54:51Z |

What's your experience on CCCQ on VM? Does it work?


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    Re: How about CCCQ on virtualized server?


    I have used CCCQ in many virtualized environments with no problems. For servers just as with a physical server you must spec it accordingly and most importantly ensure sufficient disk I/O performance. A virtual server with poor disk I/O will result in a world of pain for you and your users. Clients are not so fussy.

    Couple of quick tips...

    Tip 1: I generally avoid using VMs for build servers if possible. Build servers tend to use either 0% of available resources or 100%. At 100% you're competing with other VMs (potentially even your VOB + View servers!) and you'll get slower builds and subsequent whinging from users. Of course you can configure your virtual environment to use specific hosts/resource allocation but if you need to do that sort of thing you should consider a standalone build farm/physical build host anyway.

    Tip 2: If using VMware try and use the VMXNET3 virtual network interface, this does help with some latency issues caused by ClearCase's love affair with RPCs.



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    Re: How about CCCQ on virtualized server?


    Hello Jirong,

    Good day.

    Couple of tech docs about the Virtual machines with CC/CQ:

    Avinash S