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Pinned topic How do port names not get displayed by default?

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When adding ports to an IBD or BDD, the port name is displayed.  I am able to turn them off by using the Display Options, but this has to be done for every port, and when the Make Default option is used, subsequent ports still dsiplay the name. What needs to be done to disable the name being displayed?

Bonus points if anyone knows how to not display all the port names that exist on one of these diagrams - when I multi select ports, and then use Display options, "None" is not an option like it is for a single port.


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    Re: How do port names not get displayed by default?


    Hi Mark

    This is not a complete solution but you might find it interesting. The following change will allow to apply "DisplayName=None" effect for ports added on OMD diagrams. 

    1. Open site.prp
    2. Add entry blow

    Subject ObjectModelGe
        Metaclass Port
        Property ShowName String "None"
        //should be something like Property ShowName Enum "<blahblah>,Type,Label,None" "None"
    // An empty site.prp file must contain the keyword 'end' at the end of the file
    3. Open Rhapsody.
    4. Add an object to OMD and drop a port to it, you won't see the name of port. 

    I got this idea from this technote. In theory, the same can be applied for IBD and BDD. The problem is that Enum values for Ports are unknown; can be found by analysing values returned by Java API mentioned  in this technote. More importantly, I don't think this method is ever tested and supported, so must be used with care. Hope it can be of any help. 

    Best Regard,