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Pinned topic ilog8.8 : not able to use #{ in diagrammerView

‏2013-08-12T09:31:27Z |

Hi, I am trying to upgrade from ilog 8.5 to 8.8. The following code is which is working fine in 8.5 is giving problems in 8.8 (i using downloaded trial version). 

<jvdf:diagrammerView id="dvExecution"
                                     diagrammer="#{pageFlowScope.orchestrationPlan.executionDiagrammer}" partialTriggers="pa1 sor1 sor2"
                                     height="400" style="width:100%;height:100%"/>


The problem with "#" symbol. I use this symbol at many other places in the jsf page i dont have any problem in other places except in the "jvdf:diagrammerView" tag.

what is the problem in using the "#" symbol in the jvdf:diagrammerView tag?

Also i see old jsf (1.2), jstl (1.1) and trinidad (1.2) jars.

My application will be upgraded to use jsf 2.1 and jstl 1.2. Can i use latest jsf and jstl version along with ilog 8.8?

Thank You.