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Pinned topic Can't install DB2 Express-C on Windows 8.1

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Need help installing the free version of db2 on my windows 8.1 laptop.  The install seems to complete fine but when I run the db2val command I get the following message.  It appears to be permissions/security related but I am neither a windows sysadmin or a db2 dba so I need help with the specific commands to run.  I am logged in to windows using my windows userid and password which has administrator rights.  Any help would be appreciated.


DBI1379I  The db2val command is running. This can take several minutes.

-------- Installation file validation for the DB2 copy "DB2COPY1" starts --------

Task   1 : Validating installation file sets
Task   1-1 : Validating DB2 Express-C
       Status 1-1 : Success
Status 1 : Success

DBI1333I  Installation file validation for the DB2 copy DB2COPY1
      was successful.
-------- Installation file validation for the DB2 copy "DB2COPY1" ends --------


-------- Instance validation for "DB2" starts --------

Task   2 : Validating the default instance setting
Status 2 : Success

Task   3 : Validating SYSADM authority
Status 3 : Failure

DBI1338E  The validation of instance DB2 failed. Reason


1. The default instance is not set.

2. Some files in the instance directory are damaged. The symbolic links
   of the files are not pointing to the current DB2 copy installation
   path, and the file permission and ownership might have been changed.
3. The DB2 Extended Security setup does not allow the current user to
   start an instance. If Extended Security is enabled, the user needs to
   be in the DB2ADMNS group.

4. To start the instance, read permission is required to the
   /etc/services file.

5. The appropriate authority is required to validate this instance.

6. The partitioned database environment setting is not correct.

7. The instance failed to start because of system errors.

8. An unexpected internal error occurred.

User response:

1. Set the DB2INSTDEF profile registry variable to an instance in the
   DB2 copy.
2. Run the db2iupdt or db2nrupdt command with the -k option for the
3. Add the current user to the DB2ADMNS group and rerun the command.
4. Ensure you have read permission to the /etc/services file.
5. For authorization details, see the db2val command in the DB2
   Information Center. Then log on as a user with the appropriate
   authority, and retry the command.
6. Check the partitioned database environment validation log file for
7. Check the log file for details.
8. Rerun the db2val command. If this error persists, contact your IBM
   service representative.
-------- Instance validation for "DB2" ends --------


DBI1344E  The validation tasks of the db2val command failed. For
      details, see the log file C:\Users\John\DOCUME~1\DB2LOG\db2val-Mon Feb 17 07_18_11 2014.log.

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    Re: Can't install DB2 Express-C on Windows 8.1


    I think I may have solved my own problem.  I got into Data Studio and created a new database.  This time I used the actual host name for my laptop and not "localhost".  I was able to connect using the db2admin user and successfully created a new database.  Previously, I had used the getting started page to create the "sample" database which showed up in Data Studio under "localhost".  This did not work, I was never able to connect to the sample database.