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I followed the below article on Worklight version but am getting an exception from Javascript when calling WLCache.


invocation of javascript function 'getRSSFeeds' has failed: Could not initialize class FWLSE0101E: Caused by: [project ExtremeScaleInWorklight]java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize class"

Worklight version:

Extreme Scale version: for Liberty( ES is running in Liberty)

WAS Liberty Profile core: for developer

Any help is appreciated.



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    Re: ExtremeScale in Worklight


    From the exception it looks like the application just isn't picking up the eXtreme Scale classes, and looks like the example is just telling you to put ogclient.jar in your lib directory of Liberty. I am not very familiar with that particular sample, however, there is another WXS+Liberty example you can play around with as well that has a Worklight project associated with it as well.

    Getting Started with Liberty, WXS and Worklight, the Airport Sample

    Good luck!