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Pinned topic IBM and Pivotal to Accelerate Open Cloud Innovation with Cloud Foundry

‏2013-07-25T15:38:22Z | cloud computing foundry open source

IBM and Pivotal announced today that the two companies will collaborate on further development of the Cloud Foundry™ platform and open source project, and work towards establishing an open governance model for the community. Cloud Foundry is an interoperable Platform-as-a-Service framework that allows users to have freedom of choice across cloud infrastructure and application programming models, and cloud applications.

An open Cloud Foundry platform enables clients to rapidly build, deploy and manage cloud applications in a more agile, more scalable manner, with confidence.

With the capabilities of the WebSphere Application Server Liberty Core running on Cloud Foundry, developers benefit from the robustness of the WebSphere platform and the innovation of the emerging cloud architecture.

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