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Pinned topic XC10 connectivity from Datapower

‏2014-06-11T11:16:57Z |
We have 16 datapower boxes in the production farm, out of which 8 boxes are XI50 firmware, remaining 8 boxes XI52 firmware
All the boxes connect to the same XC10 device firmware There is a strange issue we face while connecting to XC10.
When the first non cached fresh request reaches XI50 box, then XI50 writes to the XC10 grid properly. However if the subsequent requests goes to XI52 box, when XI52 box tries to read the data from the grid, then xc10 returns 200 response code. But the response seems to be non xml. It fails saying 'illegal character 0x11 at offset 0 when xc10://read?'
But if the request comes through XI50 to XC10 then no problems
Somewhat similar is the case when the first request comes to XI52, it writes the data to the grid. If the next request comes through xi52, no problems(we are able to get data from the grid). However if the next request comes to XI50, xc10 returns 404 error code, but XI50 writes to the xc10 the data, treating like a fresh first request.
Now if the request reaches XI52, again back to 'illegal character' issue. But through XI50 it works.
Did anyone faced such issues? 



Where in XC10 can i check the logs for thes connections?