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Pinned topic Capacity Used Discrepancy Between OS and XIV (MSSQL Logs)

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Hi all -- we have a volume that is showing only 14GB used.  It's a LUN presented to an MSSQL server and is being used as an NTFS volume on which their transaction logs sit (that's my understanding anyway).

From Windows, the corresponding drive shows that 114GB is in use (no, I'm not misreading the XIV side either :P).

Anyone seen a discrepancy like this before?  Am thinking this may reflect the nature of the SQL trans log on this drive (potentially zero filled?), but would think the actual drive space as reported by the OS would reflect this and the files themselves would look "thick".


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    Re: Capacity Used Discrepancy Between OS and XIV (MSSQL Logs)


    if the LUN is only used for MSSQL Transaction logs, chances are a bit chunk of the log is zeroes.


    Could you check with SQL Management studio and see how much of the transaction log is being used.

    It is done on a per database basis, so if you have 100 databases on the SQL server that all use that drive for transaction logs, its a big task. In that case, just take some samples on the top 3-5 biggest databases.

    To see it, right click a database, choose All Tasks, Shrink, files. Then choose the transaction log file, and it should show how much of it is in use.

    Dont press OK, as that will shrink the file, so just cancel your way out of the dialog afterwards.