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Pinned topic BC-S SAS RAID mixing DSM-6 and DSM-12

‏2013-10-09T09:09:40Z | dsm-12 dsm-6 raid sas


As we how have firmware version for BC-S SAS RAID module which seems to support both DSM-6 and DSM-12 I wonder wheither they can be mixed? For example - DSM-6 in SM1 slot and DSM-12 in SM2 slot? In two controller configuration.


P.S. Has anyone had any luck using third-party SAS HDD drives with RAID module?

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    Re: BC-S SAS RAID mixing DSM-6 and DSM-12


    It may work, but I don't think it's supported.  If you want to buy 3rd party drives, look for the manufactoring part number on the drive (not the IBM part number).  They should be Seagates or Hitachi.  You can buy those 3rd party and put them in the trays.