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Pinned topic Help needed - Using Lotus Notes Traveler with reverse proxy

‏2009-05-26T06:47:48Z |
I have successfully setup a reverse proxy ( with Apache on SUSE Linux ) that works pretty fine for DWA.
I've tried to use the same reverse proxy with Lotus Notes Traveler.

I can connect to /traveler/index.html and download and install the client
I can configure the client
the client is registered with the server

but when it comes to synchronize the client the connection on port 8642 fails.

Has anyone already successfully configured a reverse proxy for use with Lotus Notes Traveler?
It would be great if I could take a look into the configuration.

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    Cannot get it to work

    I've tried Apache, Squid and Pound. All with the same result. I can establish a connection to my mailfile but are not able to automatically sync.

    Anyone an idea ??