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Pinned topic CPLEX and CPOptimizer hybrid mode

‏2014-02-24T18:31:04Z | cplex cpoptimizer java

Hi All,

I am trying to use CPLEX and CPOptimizer to code a Column Generation/CP flavor model, where CP is used in solving pricing problem. But the program is keeping generating  error

class ilog.cplex.CpxRange$RngColumn has interface ilog.concert.IloColumn as super class

I have read several posts on things might mess this up. The reason seems to lie on that CPLEX and CP both have their own implementation of Concert tech. My question is that has anyone succeeded in using these two things together? Especially I want to model things column-wisely.



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    Re: CPLEX and CPOptimizer hybrid mode


    I think you posted the exact same question in the CPLEX Forum as well. I have posted an answer there.

    In the future, please do not post the exact same question to multiple Forums. Or least mention explicitly that you did that.