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Pinned topic Reduce (delete) replication copy in a fileset

‏2014-05-31T01:37:11Z | filesets replicate

The filesystem has -m 2 -M 2 -r 2 -R 2 property set.


How can i reduce or delete replication on a fileset in the filesystem.

mmchpolicy would only make new files in the fileset as single copy. How do I change replication level on old files in the fileset. 



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    Re: Reduce (delete) replication copy in a fileset


    You can't change replication at a fileset level per se. 

    You can change replication attributes on individual files within a fileset though.  You can either use a migrate policy to do this (if you just want to change data replication factor and not metadata replication factor) or use the mmchattr command directly on the files in the fileset. 

    You'll need to mmrestripefile after changing the replication factor (check with mmlsattr).