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‏2014-05-21T02:11:50Z | cifs windows

Running the GPFS client on windows 2008 R2, I noticed that having lots of long filename files in a directory works fine when viewed through the GPFS windows client. 


When I export the folder with lots of long filenames over CIFS and try to browse the directory as a network drive on a different windows server, I get an error message. 


This is 100% reproducible on  


Any workaround?

  • chr78
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    Re: GPFS export CIFS


    not sure whether there's a workaround but the GPFS FAQ has a fundamental statement about your setup:


    What are the limitations of GPFS support for Windows ?
    Current limitations include:
    • Exporting GPFS file systems as Server Message Block (SMB) shares (also known as CIFS shares) from GPFS Windows nodes is not supported.