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Pinned topic Known problems with filtering links on tables?

‏2014-03-13T14:44:04Z |

Hello Dxl community,

Has anyone had experience with filters based on links not working for elements in DOORS tables?

Right now I am using DOORS 8.3( ...OK , next week we finally move to DOORS 9.5) I had a quick look in the known problems on and couldnt find anything.





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    Re: Known problems with filtering links on tables?


    Seems to work fine for me on 8.3

    If you click on Advanced mode, is option "Display all table cells" ticked?

    The DXL functions for this is:

    void filterTables(bool 
    onOff) // to switch on or off
    bool filterTables(Module 
    m) // to get the current setting