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Pinned topic Changing from CC atria to flex licensing?

‏2013-07-14T13:55:49Z |

As part of a server move, I have disabled the old CC atria licensing model (as the old server was also the atria license server).

On my client, I installed license key administrator, and pointed to our flex floating licenses.
I know the licenses/flex server is fine, because with a brand new install of CC, if I point right to that server, Clearcase will work OK.

However in the case of our clients, where they currently point to the CC atria server .. even if I change the control panel to use Flex, and confirmed the license key admin is pointing to the right place (As above) - CC still seems to be looking for the atria licensing.

Next, I tried this tech note suggestion to add a value to registry - but still no luck (I will try rebooting but I don't think that matters?)

  • benray
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    Re: Changing from CC atria to flex licensing?


    Paul - what do you see that indicates the client is attempting to access the atria licenses? What does "cleartool hostinfo -long" show, if anything? What does "clearlicense" show? You should see this if it is configured for flex on windows:


    This machine is configured for IBM Rational Common Licensing (powered by FLEXlm software).
    No ClearCase (Atria) Licensing information is available.
    Please use IBM Rational Common Licensing utilities instead.


    Assuming that is the output, you can also try opening a command line and turning on flex diagnostics then running a command that pulls a license like:


    # cleartool quit

    Hopefully you will see something like:

    Checkout succeeded: ClearCase/<string>

    License file: <server>

    Licnese Server: <server>

    But in your case I'm not sure what the result will be if it really is looking for an atria license.

    Which technote did you follow for a registry change?

  • brcowan
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    Re: Changing from CC atria to flex licensing?


    You might want to look at the this registry key using regedit:


    Is there a useRCL value? Is it 1? If you set that value manually, you should then be able to run "cleartool hostinfo -long" and see the license server information in the line like this:

      License host: 27000@server1;27000@server2;

    You might then want to check to see if Registry virtualization has blocked this somehow. To do this, you need to:

    1. find out the SID of the user who ran the ClearCase control panel... The simplest way is to run ...\etc\utils\creds while logged in as that user...
    2. Armed with that number, look under HKEY_USERS for the {User SID}_classes
    3. In that key, locate the "VirtualStore" key
    4. In that key, look for "MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Atria\ClearCase\CurrentVersion
    5. If that key exists, the control panel may be getting blocked from seeing and setting the standard values. You should be able to force seeing the global values by right clicking the control panel and selecting "Run As Administrator"

    Registry virtualization is a given on UAC-enabled clients, and it appears that Windows server 2008R2 is more aggressive with this than its client alter ego (Windows 7).