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Pinned topic How to refresh Batch View Tree in DotEdit

‏2015-08-20T20:05:36Z | doteditpanels

Hi All,


Can you please let me know, how to refresh the DotEdit Batch View after submitting each page(which is nothing but  right side tree view) 

Its refreshing only if we navigate forward or  backward using  shortcut keys (Ctrl + Shift + P and ).


I have customized my Dot Panel to change the page type based on value entered in a text box, but its not reflecting immediately.




  • Robert Stegall
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    Re: How to refresh Batch View Tree in DotEdit


    If you have a custom DotEdit panel, you can try calling the RefreshUI method on the panel base class.  This is possible in DotScan; I assume DotEdit is similar.

    As I remember, I did encounter some undesirable side effects from that call - maybe extra selection events were thrown, or something like that.


    Good luck,