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‏2015-08-17T11:04:41Z | cloning samp tsamp

Hi all,

I have a question about cloning a host/node with TSAMP installed.

In some cases, for example when new nodes will be added to a domain, the new one is a cloned node with new a hostname from an existing node in the domain. In this moment TSAMP is in a corrupt state.

To get this nodes in the domain, I'm using recfgct on the new nodes to reset the entire TSAMP environment. After reset every node will be prepared with preprpnode and so on.

Is there anything else to do or will the host be cleaned up after recfgct?




  • Enrico_Joedecke
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    Re: Using cloned hosts



    'recfgct' removes the existing 'ct / RSCT and SA MP' configuration from that node. Afterwards the node is in a state like after installation of the RSCT / SA MP.

    Note the following:

    1. On AIX and Linux on Power Systems the RSCT is also used by the OS or LPAR tools, so 'recfgct' will also remove any configuration of other exploiters.

    2. There is an option '-s' for 'recfgct', which preserves the 'node id'. This is sometimes helpful for recovery, but after a node has been cloned, this option should not be used, as otherwise the node cannot be added to a domain, that contains the original node, because the node id must be unique within a domain.

    Enrico Joedecke

  • BenjaminB
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    Re: Using cloned hosts


    Thank you, Enrico.