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Pinned topic installing CentOS 6.3 over RAID 1 in System x3250 M4

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I'm experiencing unsuccesful attemps at install and run CentOS 6.3 (also 6.2  and pretty much any other OS) using the RAID 1 feature included in x3250 M4 and following the instruccions of the "Creating a software RAID array of hard disk drives" secction of the Installation and User's Guide.

On the other hand the notes of this secction read:

"1. Software RAID is not supported in Redhat 6.1 UEFI mode.

2. You can create software RAID with Linux OS RAID. LSI software RAID is turned
off in Linux OS by default."

I'm affraid the situation here would be explained by the first note ergo the software RAID feature of the server is not supported by CentOS but I'm not sure, 'cause I'm trying to install centos 6.3/6.2 not 6.1. I'm also not very familiar with the Redhat 6.1 UEFI mode and the manual is not very clear about it.

On the "Creating a RAID array of hard disk drives" secction I am not able to access any of the menus the guide mentions, so I was not able to perform the RAID array according to the procedure described, I tried to perform the steps described in the "Starting the LSI Configuration Utility program"  section but the right driver was not displayed (only shown when I made the software raid procedure but even then no further options were displayed whe selecting the LSI driver), and the manual was not very descriptive either.

The OS were installed flawlessly once I broke the software RAID, so I think the array is the problem.

The goal here is to install the OS on top of the fully funtional RAID 1 array (not to configure the array during the installation of CentOS).

Any suggestions?

Many thanx in advance for your valuable comments!!

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    Re: installing CentOS 6.3 over RAID 1 in System x3250 M4


    Hi !

    We can install CentOS on IBM X 3250 M4 with Raid 1 UEFI mode very easy.

    First Configure Raid 1 from Bios .

    Insert the CentOS DVD  into the CD/DVD drive and restart the server. 

    Press 'F12'   select   ' Legacy Only '  in   UEFI boot menu  and Boot system in Legacy only.

    CentOS will start to install without any error.