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‏2016-10-23T13:23:07Z | error terminal

Hello Experts, 

On our current project we have implemented error handling in static library due to few advantage with shared library we have moved for the same. Now we are seeing weird issue when ever there is a web service cal [example HTTP Request ]which ends with error terminal that would enter common error handler will still proceed for next operations after entering conman handler , If we go with static library flow terminates after reaching conman error handler as it has come from error terminal and this is expected. Not sure why flow continue for next calls when we use shared library. Just difference here is static and shared library. Code wise everything same.


Use case : 


MQ Input ==> Http Request [ Error Terminal ] ==> Error hander(Static library) ==> Flow terminates

MQ Input ==> Http Request [ Error Terminal ] ==> Error hander(shared library) ==> Http request [ Continue flow ] 


Please help on this some suggestion and do we need to raise PMR for the same. 





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    Re: Shared Library Error Handling




    What version and fixpack level are you running?, have you checked the fixlists for later fixpacks?

    I assume your Error Handler is a .subflow?, is it added to the BAR in a similar manner, did you also change it from .msgflow to .subflow perhaps?