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Pinned topic vbs Messagebox not popping up when action taken

‏2013-09-23T06:15:33Z |

I've got a .vbs file that pops up a message box with some text in it for the user to see.  It works fine when I run it locally, but when run through TEM it doesn't pop-up to the logged-in user.  Is this because TEM Client runs under the system account and so basically it would only show to the user under which it runs?

If so, how do I remedy this so that the vbs popup would show to any user logged on?

BTW, this is basically what I'm doing in the Action:

download as msgbox.vbs http://tem81dev:52311/Temp/msgbox.vbs
wait cscript.exe "C:\Program Files (x86)\BigFix Enterprise\BES Client\__BESData\actionsite\__Download\msgbox.vbs"

I can see that it does download the file, but the BES console shows the fixlet at "Running" while on the target the task manager shows the "cscript.exe" is running, but using up no CPU so it's probably hung.

This is something simple and I'm just not seeing it.  Any suggestions?