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My team has all recently migrated to use IBM Data Studio 4.1 as our DB2 client interface for running SQL after we upgraded to new Windows 7 Dell laptops.  We are connecting via JDBC & SQLJ (JDBC 4.0) to DB2 databases on z/OS. 

We would like to be able to configure the default value for the Configuration tab Run Options = Use the existing conneciton to run scripts.  I have 15 team mates that connect to multiple DB2 databases, multiple times a day & run multiple queries.  The default setting each time we make a database connection is the run option = Open a new connection each time a script is run.  This is not desirable for our team.

We must manually scroll down & use the radio button to select the desired run option every single time we connect to a database.  It is inconvenient to do this so many time every day.  The concern is that this annoying & reptetive action may be ignored by some developers & this might cause us to max out the available connections to one of the databases - which could cause a major incident.

If there is any mechanism to set this as a default option I would like to pursue it.  Thank you for reading.

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    Can you write me a note to emilyz at  We can have a further discussion.