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Pinned topic Discard/Install function not active

‏2013-05-16T15:41:07Z |

After installing CICS explorer we are not able to Install / Discard CICS resources.  We do have the proper RACF authority to issue CEDA commands and perform these functions thru Config Manager and CICS directly.    

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  • JoeWinchester
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    Re: Discard/Install function not active

    ‏2013-06-10T15:31:52Z  in response to DebHendrick

    Do you get an error screen/message when you try to perform the Install or Discard, or are the menu actions greyed out ?

     If it's the former then if you could describe the error that'd help to diagnose the problem, and if it's the latter then it's possible that you're using the wrong port to connect to your CICSplex.  There are two TCP/IP services available - EYUCMIT and EYUWUI.  If the EYUWUI port is used then all actions (install/discard) will be greyed out, this can be considered a "read only" connection.  Instead you should be connecting to the port defined with EYUCMIT - in the CICS Explorer use the connection type "Client Management Connection Interface" (or CMCI) with this kind of connection.

    I hope this helps - let us know if not and apologies for not replying to your post sooner,

    Joe Winchester