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Pinned topic Creating report for custom policy with test pass-fail status

‏2014-05-08T18:00:54Z | policy report

I would like to create a report that has a table or list of all the tests available in the policy selected and it should say if the result is pass or fail. It is similar to the OWASP report available in AppScan but want it to be reported for tests in policy instead of OWASP classification.

For example, I've created a custom policy (check the screenshot in the attachment), I'd like have the same list populated with pass/fail status for each test.

Any help is much appreciated.



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    Re: Creating report for custom policy with test pass-fail status



    I don't think we allow publishing Test Policy in a Report. Test Payloads are internal to AppScan and we would not want them to be published.

    When you create a report, you can select Detailed Security Report and choose 'Request/Response' to be reported out. That will show you 'Test Request/Response' which should give an idea on what we did we the original request to exploit the specific vulnerability.

    I hope this helps,